Dance Classes

Here’s a little more about the dance class options. We’ve moved away from splitting people by dance ability this year and instead are offering dance themes. The question for you is what do you think you most need to help your dancing?

If you’re less experienced, consider the beginner or fundamentals class. If you’re solid with the basics and need vocabulary then the repertoire class will be the one for you. If you want to get a solid grounding in the technique of fast lindy then there is only one class you should take. If you have a partner that you can train with before, during and after the festival then Savoy. And finally there is Solo Jazz, you will only ever be as good a partner dancer as you are a solo dancer so if this is where you need to improve you know what you need to do.

There will be some fluidity in the dance ability in each class. But we don’t think that it will be any different from the range of ability you get when people self-select their dance level. What we’re trying to encourage is the feeling that everyone in each class is there because they want to get better, they want to be taught by that teacher and they want to help and support everyone else in the class to achieve the same thing.

BEGINNERS – Rob & Tina

Welcome! Starting from scratch, suitable for complete beginners, or those recently started and not very comfortable social dancing. If you think you’re borderline between this and fundamentals, then take the beginner class. You’ll get better faster the more time you spend understanding the absolute basics. This will also be a good class if you’re starting to learn a new role, an accomplished lead starting to follow or vice versa

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Getting there… You are already comfortable social dancing, but your moves / confidence are limited. You’re still getting to grips with moves such as Swing Out / Lindy Turn or Tandem Charleston.

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Expand your dancing! You’re comfortable social dancing and are confident in your basics, such as Swing Out, Tandem. You enjoy learning new moves, with technique points explained as needed along the way.

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You have to sign up with a partner for this one and be prepared to work hard… Smaller class, higher work ethic, more individual feedback, concentration on technique. You’ll be expected to do some video work before and after the festival. You need to be confident in your basics and you’ll need to sign up with a partner, but there is rotation in class.

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FAST LINDY – Ryan & Lana

Learn to lindy to speeds you never thought you would. The clue is in the name…. We rarely see this on dance festival programmes, and yet it’s central to the spirit of Lindy Hop. Lindy hopping to fast music requires different technique and footwork. This class will teach you this technique from the ground up. As long as you are confident in connection, can lead and follow, have the desire, then you’ll be fine in this class. By the end of the festival you’ll be able to dance fast so that it feels effortless. And don’t worry about being exhausted, Ryan & Lana promise to leave you with enough energy to enjoy the circus classes and evening dances.

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SOLO JAZZ – Sharon Davis

You’re prepared to go it alone…. Whether you want to improve your partner dancing or want to develop as a solo jazz performer, 9 hrs with Sharon will transform you. Designed for int/adv solo jazz dancers, you will already know all the basics, or you’re a damn fast learner (such as the moves in the Tranky Doo), and you will already have attended solo jazz tracks (plural) at, for example, Shine or Paris Jazz Roots. Many of the people in this track will already be performing in troupes.

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